Help families suffering the trauma of war this Purim.

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Repair Homes, Repair Lives

Winter Appeal 2023

Will you repair Hanna’s home this winter?

“I just hope to survive the winter”

The noise was so loud as the windows in Hanna’s home shattered everywhere, glass and doors flying. Hanna, 76, from Kherson’s home was destroyed by the Russians and has left her in the freezing cold open to the elements. Having to sleep in her coat, gloves and hat Hanna doesn’t know how she will survive the minus 4 degree freezing weather this Winter and she’s afraid. Her story is the reality for many older people in Ukraine. Hanna needs new windows to keep the cold out and make sure she doesn’t feel like she is living outside.

“No electricity, no windows, we are without anything, no water, no gas, no heating, no nothing.”

Please help repair her home and keep her warm this winter

Repairing homes, repairing lives

Homes across Ukraine and Eastern Europe are often in poor derelict conditions, built many years ago they are falling apart and don’t keep the cold out or the warmth in. Poor insulation means that for many in Ukraine, it feels like they are living outside all the time. Older people on tiny pensions can’t afford repairs and they are frightened, wondering how they will survive the freezing winter.

World Jewish Relief are there for them. Repairing windows to keep the warmth in and ensuring at least one safe warm room means that we can restore people’s dignity and help them through the long cold winter ahead. Practical solutions to a terrible situation for so many older people that not only saves lives but helps them cope in the toughest environment.

You can help repair a home this winter

“Now it feels like home again”

“Thanks to you I’m not worried about the winter.”

Natalia is 76 and lives in Krivih Rih. Like Hanna, her windows were destroyed by bombs leaving her frightened, scared and freezing. Her tiny pension meant there was no way she could repair anything and she was so worried about what might happen this coming winter.

World Jewish Relief and the Home Repairs programme repaired Natalia’s home recently. New windows were installed, and structural adjustments made to ensure her home was better insulated to keep the cold winter out. Not only will she be warmer this winter but also feel safe and comfortable in her own home.

Will you be there for older people in Ukraine this winter?

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