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Case Study: Viktor and Margareta

Viktor and Margareta’s Battle with Dementia

Viktor and his wife Margareta have been married for over 60 years. They’ve been together forever – and now they’re both battling dementia. They struggle to follow conversations and have problems concentrating. Margareta repeats nursery rhymes from her childhood, yet she can’t remember to lock her front door. 

Without the right support, Viktor and Margareta would become more isolated. They wouldn’t be able to leave home and their health would get worse by the day. 

But thanks to our supporters, we can give them something that no other community in Ukraine does. We can give them the care they need to live well. Viktor and Margareta attend our regular sessions for people with dementia. They receive targeted support, socialise and take part in our activities. 

Using music and objects, such as tennis balls, our dementia experts also guide them through a range of different exercises, each designed to keep their mind and bodies active. 

The social interaction and support provided by the programme have a huge impact on Viktor and Margareta. After each session, they are more engaged with the world around them. They are visibly more relaxed and happier. Their smiles light up their faces.