Help families suffering the trauma of war this Purim.

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Disaster Fund

Disaster fund children carrying belongings in the mud

Thousands of people are hit by disasters each year. By donating towards our disaster recovery work, you can ensure that the next time an emergency hits, we can respond rapidly and effectively, providing urgent support for those who need it most.

As well as responding to large-scale humanitarian disasters, each year we respond to several smaller ones that do not make the news. In any given year this might be between 5-10 disasters where we can assist thousands of people.

We respond to disasters such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes, as well as refugee crises, drought and famine. We provide emergency aid in the first instance, and work longer term on recovery plans to ensure the most vulnerable people can rebuild their lives and livelihoods in a climate-resilient way that mitigates the risk of further disaster.

With your support, we can get our partners on the scene of disasters quickly, and make sure early needs are assessed and help reaches those affected as fast as possible.

All funds raised may be spent in any humanitarian context throughout the world.

*image not specific to any one disaster