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Case Study: Untold Stories

Alexander, Director of our local partner the Vinnitsya

Regional Association of Jewish Language and Culture 

As long as I have the energy, the ability and the support of partners and donors, I will keep doing this work. Only once the war is over, everything is rebuilt, and life returns to normal will I let myself relax.  

When the invasion began, my world was confusion and anger. But then I asked myself – what should I do? I decided that I would do the same thing I have done for the last 20 years – help people in need.  

My day-to-day life consists of working with the Jewish community, looking for new donors and partners, taking deliveries of humanitarian aid, assessing needs in various cities, preparing and sending shipments, travelling with aid consignments.  

I want to highlight World Jewish Relief’s support – they bought us a cargo vehicle and allowed us to support any Ukrainian citizens who had suffered from the war. They were flexible in decision making and grants and showed incredible loyalty to our staff.”