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August 19, 2021

Our Response to the Government’s Announcement on Afghan Resettlement


Our Response to the Government’s Announcement on Afghan Resettlement

We continue to monitor the situation in Afghanistan, worried about security, displacement, abuse, poverty, Covid-19 and in particular the rights and needs of women and girls. The greatest refugee burden of those that have fled Afghanistan rests on the shoulders of neighbouring states. On World Humanitarian Day we are inspired by local and international charities that bravely do what they can to address vulnerability there.

We welcome the willingness of the UK Government to accept Afghan refugees, whilst recognising that this scheme could be more ambitious in scale, and we encourage the Government to do all it can to assist those fleeing for their lives from Kabul.

With six years of experience delivering employment services to resettled refugees, World Jewish Relief is poised to play a role in helping those coming to the UK. We have learned that employment support should start soon after arrival and to be most successful requires close collaboration between Government, local authorities, refugee agencies and employers. The integration process, including employment support, must effectively target the needs of women, girls, and those that most require protection.

Just as many in our own Jewish community were once refugees, today we feel a responsibility to do what we can to assist those that desperately seek sanctuary.