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August 16, 2021

Our Statement on Events in Afghanistan


Our Statement on Events in Afghanistan

World Jewish Relief is deeply concerned by the situation in Afghanistan. We are aware of the scale of the humanitarian crisis both in the country, and in neighbouring states where displaced people have fled to.

We do not work in Afghanistan nor in surrounding states as access and security is, unfortunately, too challenging. We will however continue to monitor the situation and, should displaced Afghans reach countries where we operate and are able to support them, we will endeavour to do so.

In the UK we are proud of our role as the leading provider of employment services to refugees, through our Specialist Training and Employment Programme (STEP). A handful of these individuals, after graduating from STEP, are themselves working to support resettled refugees. In recent months STEP has assisted a small number of Afghan nationals who, having worked with the British military in Afghanistan, have been resettled in the UK.

We anticipate that the number of Afghans able to relocate to the UK will increase, and we urge the Government to commit to a sizeable resettlement programme. The STEP project is ready to support these people to rebuild their lives, and we are committed to offering our expertise at a time of great turmoil.