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March 28, 2019

The devastation from Cyclone Idai


The devastation from Cyclone Idai

By Mireille Flores, Humanitarian Programmes Manager

Mireille Flores, World Jewish Relief’s Humanitarian Programmes Manager, explains the impact that the British Jewish Community is having in Mozambique after the devastating Cyclone there:

I arrived in Mozambique on Sunday where the scale of devastation from Cyclone Idai is overwhelming.

I’ve seen hospitals with roofs ripped off and homes destroyed. Most of the terrain remains submerged as flood water levels are still dangerously high. More than a week after the cyclone hit, power supplies are intermittent and roads are still impassable.

Over 90,000 people across the country have taken refuge in storm shelters as their houses were ripped from the ground. Hundreds of thousands remain in need of water, food, hygiene, clothing and household items. The first cases of cholera have now been confirmed too. 

It’s heartbreaking to witness the destruction.

Nhamantanda, where I’m currently stationed, has felt the brunt of the cyclone. But thanks to you and the support of the British Jewish community, we’re here on the ground making a difference. Our initial response will assist 6,000 people from 1,200 families, giving them the basics that will enable them to get by. This includes hygiene kits, mosquito nets, jerry cans and equipment for use in makeshift kitchens. None of this would be possible without you. Thank you.

But with so many lives and livelihoods impacted, your ongoing support is critical.

I’m in Mozambique to ensure that your donations are focused on helping the most vulnerable people, primarily female-headed households and older women on their own.

There is still so much to do with hundreds of thousands of people affected by the cyclone.

We are proud to have launched our appeal last week with 14 of our Jewish communal agencies behind us. We’ve already raised over £100,000 but we continue to need your urgent support to enable us to do even more.

Thank you for your continued support.