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January 4, 2016
Humanitarian Response

Refugee Crisis Update


Refugee Crisis Update

Thanks to the British Jewish community, we developed extensive programmes in both Greece and Turkey to support those who have fled war and persecution, predominantly from Syria. Read more about our programmes below.

Europe is currently facing the greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Fleeing conflict and persecution, hundreds of thousands are taking extraordinary risks to find safety. In September 2015, with the support of all key communal organisations, World Jewish Relief launched an emergency appeal for this unique global crisis.

Working with local trusted partners, World Jewish Relief has:

  • Supported 2,000 children in Turkey with back-to-school kits so they can start to get their lives back on track.
  • Provided 3,000 winter kits to help people to survive the freezing winter. The packs included a coat, boots, warm socks, clothes and a sleeping bag.
  • Funded an emergency medical unit in Greece to help those injured in the long and arduous journey across Europe.
  • Supported 1,500 refugees in Greece’s North Aegean Islands with humanitarian relief including basic shelter and food.

Tarek’s story:

The community’s generosity is making a huge difference to the lives of people like Tarek, pictured above. Tarek left Syria four weeks ago with his wife, daughter (pictured), two sons and his son’s wife.

Crossing through Turkey, Tarek described being hidden by people-smugglers in a forest, freezing cold but not allowed to light a fire in case the police caught them. The whole family survived on a packet of biscuits and a chocolate bar for almost three days.

Tarek had no idea where they were, or even which country they were in and certainly no clue where they would end up. All he knew was that his family didn’t want handouts, was ready to work for a living and just wanted safety and security.

Thanks to you, we are helping families like Tarek’s start to rebuild their lives.